Anonymous asked:
dude lol now everyones asking u questions about sw
it still sucks

lol smiling witch

its all abnout onafuturetip !

Anonymous asked:

get me a computer then well talkk

destroyman-deactivated20121006 asked:
got this idea from weird al wanna see if it holds up: fanny packs worn on the head

always a good lok

deep-trance-deactivated20121211 asked:
that cover rules. it looks like a photoshop from some mech fetish forum

i wonder which cover u ment by this

Anonymous asked:
i have these khaki jeans i am going to cut off into shorts and i was wondering if short cutoffs are still cool or if i should cut them long thanx

cut the khakis and dye them a cool neon color so that no one knows they were khaki n tan. n then sew a completely different fabric on the bottom (polka dot?) to cover any cutoff strands so it just looks like cool “vintage” 80s shorts